Willem Verhagen, Ph.D.

Willem Verhagen joined the Pardee Center as a Research Scientist in April 2020. Willem’s
interest in sustainability and land management began when he studied Earth & Economics at
Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Since then his focus on sustainability has grown alongside his
research. Willem has published multiple papers on conservation management, highlighting the
importance of human land management on ecosystem protection. One of these papers included
his thesis from Vrije Universiteit’s Institute for Environmental Studies, “Managing Our Land for
Multiple Ecosystem Services: Identifying Priority Areas and Actions to Maintain Ecosystem Services
Across Europe.”

Since finishing his dissertation, Willem worked with the Netherlands Environmental Assessment
Agency (PBL) to study the global impacts of land degradation on humans and ecosystem services
and opportunities for restoration. At PBL, Willem expanded his modeling abilities by working with
the IMAGE-model, a global integrated assessment model.

Willem brings extensive knowledge on human interactions with land biodiversity and agriculture
to the Pardee Center. His experience facilitates his desire to connect quantitative analyses of
sustainability to understandable policy. Willem hopes his work at the Pardee Center will encourage
effective policy toward environmental and human sustainability. He also looks forward to
exploring more of Colorado through hiking.