Population Reference Bureau (PRB)

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Population Reference Bureau (PRB)

For more than 70 years, the Population Reference Bureau has been working on the population dimensions of important social, economic, and political issues. It is one of the leading sources for U.S. and international population trends and their implications. PRB publishes the quarterly Population Bulletin, the annual World Population Data Sheet, and PRB Reports on America, as well as publications covering population and public policy issues in the United States and abroad, particularly in developing countries. PRB's website, www.prb.org, is updated approximately every three weeks with new articles and reports, frequently country- or region-specific, which span subjects as diverse as HIV/AIDS, children's environmental health, family planning, immigration, adolescent sexual health, maternal mortality, and population growth.

The IFs system used some population data series from PRB’s World Population Data Sheet. This annual data sheet provides the latest population estimates, projections, and other key indicators for all geographic entities with populations of 150,000 or more and all members of the United Nations. Indicators include births, deaths, infant mortality rate, life expectancy, population, contraception usage, and others. The data sheet is accessible by the various variables or by region and country.

DataDict 720
Table Group Definition Source Last IFs Update UsedInPreprocessor Years
SeriesPopContrUseModern% Population Contraception prevalence of use Population Reference Bureau, Assorted Annual Population Data Sheets 2002/11 No
SeriesPopContrUseTotal% Population Percent of population using contraceptives Population Reference Bureau, Assorted Annual Population Data Sheets 2002/11 No