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'''[[Additional_resources|Additional Resources]]'''
'''[[Additional_resources|Additional Resources]]'''
[[Pathways:_Replication_structions|'''Link to replication pages''']]
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Welcome to the International Futures (IFs) wiki. 

Introduction to IFs - Click here for an overview of the IFs system, including a description of the tool's purpose and major assumptions in its Base Case forecasts.

Use IFs (Download Version) - Click here for instructions on using the standalone desktop version of IFs.

Use IFs (Online Version) - Click here for instructions on using the web (cloud) version of IFs.

Understand IFs - Click here to access documentation on each of the major system models in IFs. 

Guide to Scenario Analysis in IFs - Click here for instructions on creating and comparing alternative scenarios in IFs. This guide also includes an updated list of IFs parameters.

Additional Resources


Feedback on how to improve IFs is always appreciated, especially if you find something that is not working. Compliments are also accepted. To send feedback or if you have any questions about using IFs, please email us at pardee.center [at] du.edu. You can also find additional contact information on our center's website. 

Getting started