Global nuclear weapons inventories

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Update Frequency & Source

The data source is the journal article: Global nuclear weapons inventories, 1945–2013, written by Hans M. Kristensen and Robert S. Norris The most recent pull in 2017/04 is from the updated versino of the article (same authors and same publisher.) Based on historical records, the authors update this article with new data every 3-4 years. 


Back-up sources: The FAS Nuclear Notebooks could be used when individual country’s data/analysis is needed. They have been updated for as frequent as once per year. However, it’s not organized in a way that’s easy for data pulling, so currently we are not using it for data collection purpose. In case the above journal stops updating, the FAS Nuclear Notebooks will work as an alternative source to keep the series going. Issues dating back to the very first issue in May 1987 can be found through the following link.


Variable: NPOW

Table: SeriesNPOW

Group: Government

SubGroup: International

Series:  No

CoVaTrA: No

Cohort: No

Definition: Nuclear warheads, strategic (regardless of size)

Extended Source Defn: No

Units: Units

Years: 1945-2013

Source: Global nuclear weapons inventories, 1945–2013, written by Hans M. Kristensen and Robert S. Norris (We have access through DU library/AAC)

Original Source: Federation of American Scientists website ( as compiled by Timothy Smith

Notes: JW; HF; When SIPRI specified a range, the average value was used. Data for North Korea is estimated based on number of nuclear tests. 

Last IFs Update: 2017/04/19

Aggregation: SUM

Disaggregation: GDP

TreatNullsAs0s: n/a

Proprietary: n/a

Used In Preprocessor: Yes

Used In Preprocessor File Name: SOCIOPOL

Compare Other Forecast: n/a

Code in Source: n/a

Decimal Places: 0

Country Concordance: Ifs Country

Formula: n/a

Country Coverage





Korea, Democratic People's Republic of


Russian Federation

United Kingdom

United States