Shape Realistic Expectations About the Future

At the Pardee Center, we hope to shape future development agendas in three major ways.

First, we work to foster more realistic expectations about how systems develop and interact, and how uncertainties--like policy decisions--might influence the future. Unfortunately, no policy can eradicate extreme poverty overnight, eliminate all domestic conflict next year, or achieve a sustainable relationship with the environment in the next decade. By using IFs, we can look years ahead with a more informed, discerning eye. As a result, IFs can help policymakers set goals that are not only optimistic and aggressive, but also reasonable.

Second, we hope to shape a community of IFs users who can work with the IFs system and expand its influence. We conduct trainings in Denver and around the world, which encourage other analysts and forecasters to use and improve our system's capacity. Our team has worked hard to keep the IFs software free, open-source, and available to all; our staff is always available to help with IFs use.

Finally, through our partnerships in analysis and system development, we conduct our own analysis that helps private and public organizations to make more informed decisions.