Overview of Research and Projects

The Pardee Center works in partnership with non-governmental organizations, international governmental organizations, governments, and corporations to produce policy-relevant research, analyses, forecasts, and new analytical tools. The Center generates a range of publications, from a series of volumes and peer-reviewed articles focused on the future of human development, to working papers focused on documenting and extending the IFs model itself.

IFs is at the core of the Center’s projects. Along with using IFs in our analyses, many projects also involve adding new capabilities to the IFs model to better meet specific needs of our partners and clients. Recent examples include a provincial level breakout for select countries and the enhancement of the IFs mortality and longevity representations.

Our past and current projects include research, policy consulting, building of institutional forecasting capacity, and database construction for or with a number of national and international organizations, including:

  • Nonprofit Organizations: Action Against Hunger, Oxfam America and the SENS Foundation
  • Intergovernmental Organizations: the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), UN Development Programme, and UN Environment Programme
  • Governments: Peru, South Africa’s Western Cape Provincial Government, United States 
  • Private Sector Organizations: Arrow Electronics, General Motors, and Google Public Data Explorer