Pardee-Based Projects

To date, the Diplometrics Project has built and released databases on international organizations, diplomatic exchange (embassies), and treaties monitored by the United Nations. The project expects to add to this data collection effort by producing data sets on non-state actors including international non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations and transnational organized crime. We have also developed tools to help visualize and structure the data, such as the Diplomatic Dashboard and Data Gator. This data feeds a research agenda that is interested in measuring and modeling international relations and will inform the International Politics submodule of IFs.

In recent years, the international research community has defined a framework for the construction of new scenarios for climate change research. One key component of this framework is the set of Shared Socio-economic Pathways (SSPs), which describe possible future socioeconomic conditions. These have been presented as narrative storylines with some quantitative underpinning, primarily for key drivers related to population, education, the macro-economy, and urbanization. We collected these forecasts from participating research groups and added those to IFs to allow for easy comparisons with other scenarios. In addition, we are using IFs to: 1) provide additional quantitative representation of socio-political systems and 2) examine the internal consistency of the forecasts for the key drivers, which were developed using separate models. This work has already resulted in several peer-reviewed publications by Pardee personnel with outside collaborators, with more in the pipeline.