UN Global Environmental Outlook 6 released with Pardee contributions


The United Nations Enviornment Programme’s sixth Global Environmental Outlook (GEO) report is now published. The report demonstrates that urgent action is required to mitigate the externalized costs of human development.  The report was compiled by 250 scientists and experts from 70 countries.

The Pardee Center is proud of its contribution to the GEO6 report, which included an assessment that we were “off track” to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals along with an analysis of synergies and trade-offs in achieving these global targets.  Pardee’s contribution included Steve Hedden (Coordinating Lead Author (Chapter 21), Lead author (Chapter 22, 24), Jonathan D. Moyer (Lead Author (Chapter 21), Contributing Author (Chapter 22)), and Barry Hughes (Contributing Author (Chapter 21, 22)).