Core Faculty and Staff

  • Willem Verhagen joined the Pardee Center as a Research Scientist in April 2020. Willem’s
    interest in sustainability and land management began when he studied Earth & Economics at
    Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Since then his focus on sustainability has grown alongside his
    research. Willem has published multiple papers on conservation management, highlighting the
    importance of human land management on ecosystem protection. One of these papers included
    his thesis from Vrije Universiteit’s Institute for Environmental Studies, “Managing Our Land for
    Multiple Ecosystem Services: Identifying Priority Areas and Actions to Maintain Ecosystem Services
    Across Europe.”

    Since finishing his dissertation, Willem worked with the Netherlands Environmental Assessment
    Agency (PBL) to study the global impacts of land degradation on humans and ecosystem services
    and opportunities for restoration. At PBL, Willem expanded his modeling abilities by working with
    the IMAGE-model, a global integrated assessment model.

    Willem brings extensive knowledge on human interactions with land biodiversity and agriculture
    to the Pardee Center. His experience facilitates his desire to connect quantitative analyses of
    sustainability to understandable policy. Willem hopes his work at the Pardee Center will encourage
    effective policy toward environmental and human sustainability. He also looks forward to
    exploring more of Colorado through hiking.

    Research Scientist
  • Education:

    MPIA in Human Security from the Graduate School of International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh, 2018

    BA in International Affairs from Eastern Michigan University, 2016

    Certificates in African Studies, Global Studies-Sustainable Development (GSPIA 2018)

    Minors in French Language, International Business, Music Performance (EMU 2016)

    Anjali T. Martin joined the Pardee Center's Diplometrics Project in Fall 2020 as the Project Manager and Research Associate for the Heads of Government and State (HOGS) Project from RTI International where she served in a variety of roles on the 74 million USD USAID Somalia Growth, Enterprise, Employment, and Livelihoods project. In her capacity at the Pardee Center, she oversees a large team of Research Aides and leads the scope expansion of the HOGS Project. While at RTI, Anjali served as the Project Associate, Project Management Specialist, Acting Project Coordinator, and Senior Project Associate on the GEEL project, spending time in Mogadishu for a task order startup focused on women and youth training, and Project Manager for an internally funded research project focused on Market System Resilience in Somalia. Prior to RTI International, Anjali conducted research in a number of international settings including Liberia, India, Kenya, Ethiopia, England, Germany, and Malawi, where she focused her Master's thesis on community agricultural practices in the central regions. Anjali's research interests include education access at the secondary level in Sub-Saharan Africa, food security initiatives and community sustainability/comprehension, youth and women development, and qualitative methodology. In her free time, Anjali enjoys hiking, interior design, the performing arts, and exploring new locations. 


    Research Associate
  • Education

    BA Social Sciences, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, 2019
    MS International and Development Economics, University of San Francisco, 2021

    Born and raised in the culturally diverse Northern Indian city of Lucknow, Deva grew up taking great interest in learning about the complexities of human interactions and world affairs, in general. Having been a witness to the crippling effects of poverty and inequality, he pursued a fascinating academic journey in social sciences and development economics to understand and contribute to the broader field of public-centric research for social welfare.

    Deva’s professional experiences include stints with NGOs and development organizations in the field of education, agriculture, and rural livelihood practices. The academic line of my work has involved extensive public policy and development interventions' research using sophisticated econometric and forecasting tools. He is a proponent of evidence-driven policies that underlines the significance of high-quality, accessible data. His latest research project looks at the causal implications of a social security program for the elderly in India, titled “Transitioning into Retirement: Effect of Pension Expansion on Elderly Labor Force Participation”.

    In his free time, Deva enjoys following and keeping up with sports, reading, cooking, exploring the outdoors and watching shows, stand-up comedy to name a few.  He is also keen to continue working on his newly found interest of language learning. 

    Research Associate
  • Education: B.B.A. Human Resources Management, New Mexico State University, 2016

    Anajulia manages business and administrative functions for the Pardee Center, including payroll, human resources, grants and contracts processes, and financial reporting. She is fluent in English and Spanish and in her free time she enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, and skiing.

    Contract and Business Manager


    B.S. in Physics and Spanish from Bates College, Lewiston, Maine, 2009

    M.A. in Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration, University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, 2014

    David K. Bohl began working with the Pardee Center in the summer of 2012, when he was a graduate student at Korbel. Since then, he has consulted with several organizations, including the Peruvian Strategic Planning Center (CEPLAN), the Atlantic Council’s Strategic Foresight Initiative, the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), USAID, the Western Cape Provincial Government of South Africa, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). He has been fundamental to the development of a variety of newer sub-models in IFs, including those that forecast the informal economy, bilateral trade, and ICT, and has pioneered the use of network analysis at the center.

    Office: 303.871.4716

    Mobile: 724.875.9206

    Assistant Director of Analysis
  •     Email:


    Senior Research Associate
  • Education:

    B.A. English, Drury University, 2011

    M.A. Josef Korbel School of International Studies, International Development, 2013

    Whitney joined our team in 2017 as a project manager, leading the Diplometrics Program. In 2020, she transitioned to the role of Assistant Director of Project Operations working across research projects at the Pardee Center. She first became interested in the Pardee Center’s work on human development and stability and conflict during her graduate studies at Korbel. From 2013-2015, Whitney served as a Peace Corps Master’s International Student and worked as a Community and Youth Development Volunteer in Vanadzor, Armenia. While in the Peace Corps, she conducted research on male migration and female labor markets in Armenia. Whitney is proficient in Eastern Armenian and intermediate in Russian. She has lived abroad in four different countries and enjoys traveling, reading creative non-fiction, and long-distance running.

    Office: 303.871.2324

    Assistant Director of Project Operations
  • Education: 

    B.A. Sociology, Certificate in Business, University of Texas

    M.A. Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration, University of Denver - Josef Korbel School of International Studies

    Senior Research Associate
  • Dr. Barry B. Hughes is John Evans Professor at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, and was founding Director of the Frederick S. Pardee Center for International Futures.

    His principal interests are in (1) global change, (2) computer simulation models for economic, energy, food, population, environmental, and socio-political forecasting, and (3) policy analysis. The fundamental concerns that synthesize these interests are (1) developing effective response to long-term global change and (2) improving the long-term human condition. He developed International Futures (IFs), the widely-used computer simulation for study of long-term national, regional, and global issues (see 

    Dr. Hughes supported the U.S. National Intelligence Council's reports to the President on Mapping the Global Futures 2020Global Trends 2025, and Global Trends 2030.  He provided long-term global forecasting for the United Nations Environment Programme's Global Environment Outlook 4. He provided background research papers and forecasting content used in the  United Nations Human Development Reports (2011 and 2013). He was a principal researcher in European Commission projects on the New Economy and on Information and Communications Technology.  He has contributed research to projects of RAND, the Central Intelligence Agency, the United States Institute of Peace,Peru's National Center for Strategic Planning (CEPLAN), and many other organizations.

    Dr. Hughes has written or co-authored The Domestic Context of American Foreign Policy (Freeman 1978), World Modeling (Lexington 1980), World Futures (Johns Hopkins 1985), Disarmament and Development (Prentice-Hall 1990), Continuity and Change in World Politics (Prentice-Hall 1991, 1994, 1997, 2000), International Futures (Westview 1993, 1996, 1999), Exploring and Shaping International Futures (Paradigm 2006), Reducing Global Poverty (Paradigm and Oxford University Press, 2009), Advancing Global Education (Paradigm and Oxford University Press, 2010), Improving Global Health (Paradigm and Oxford University Press, 2011), Building Global Infrastructure (Paradigm and Oxford University Press, 2013), Strengthening Governance Globally (Paradigm and Oxford University Press, 2014), Exploring and Understanding International Futures: Building Global Model Systems (Elsevier 2018), as well as articles in publications including World Politics, International OrganizationInternational Studies QuarterlyFuturesL'Express, Energy Policy, Policy Studies Review, International Political Science Review, Simulation and Gaming, Economic Development and Cultural Change, Bulletin of the World Health OrganizationSustainabilityPLoS OneClimatic ChangeTechnological Forecasting and Social Change, and World Development

    Contact: University of Denver, Denver, Colorado 80208 
    Voice: 303.871.2304  
    Fax:  303.871.2124

    Senior Scientist & Mentor
  • Education:

    M.S. Dhaka University, Bangladesh, Department of Physics

    M.A. University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies

    Ph.D. University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies

    Mohammod has worked with IFs since 1999 and has been responsible for developing and expanding core model features, specifically the Education and Government Finance models. Contact Mohammod with questions that relate specifically to education forecasts within IFs, as well as questions about forward linkages from the education model to other models within IFs.

    Though he continues to work closely with our team in Denver, he now lives with his wife and family in northern California.



    Phone: 303.871.4479

    Research Consultant
  • Education:

    B.A. in Government and Psychology from Dartmouth College, 2013 
    M.A. in International Studies and Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security from the University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, 2021 

    Alexandra first joined the Pardee Center as a Research Aide in 2019 when she was a graduate student at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. Her research interests include civil-military relations, intelligence analysis and strategy, and the advancement of women, peace, and security. 

    Prior to her time at Korbel, Alexandra spent nearly six years in the private sector at a law firm in Boston, MA, where she helped individuals and corporate clients navigate the complex legal system of immigration. During this time, she also worked with a national security think-tank that studies emerging national security threats in order to improve long-term policymaking. Outside of work, Alexandra enjoys running, snowboarding, reading, and spending time with her dog. 

    Research Associate & Program Manager
  • Education

    B.A. in Psychology from Schreiner University, Kerrville, Texas, 2011 

    M.A. in Political Science from Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, 2013 

    M.A. in Political Science from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 2016 

    Ph.D in Political Science from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 2018 

    Austin S. Matthews is a Research Scientist at the Pardee Center. His research focuses on autocratic governance, international security, and the politics of Central and Eastern Europe. Austin received his Ph.D in Political Science from Louisiana State University and joined the Pardee Center in the fall of 2018. His work on the Diplometrics Project focuses on quantifying state interactions and transnational actors in the international system. Austin's work has been published in the British Journal of Political Science, Journal of Peace Research, Electoral Studies, and Germany Politics. He was also the recipient of a U.S. Department of State Title VIII Fellowship in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian studies and was a 2021 Virtual/Summer Open Research Laboratory fellowship at the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center at the University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign.

    Research Scientist
  • Education

    A.A.S. in Criminal Justice from the Community College of the Air Force, 2014  

    B.A. in Political Science from American Military University, 2015 

    M.P.P. in Public Policy from Georgetown University, 2018 

    Collin J. Meisel came to the Pardee Center’s Diplometrics Project in the fall of 2018 and transitioned to the role of Diplometrics Program Lead in spring of 2020. Prior to Pardee, Collin researched issues related to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear terrorism at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism's (START) Unconventional Weapons and Technology division. Before START, Collin served for 8 years as a Security Forces member in the U.S. Air Force, which included leading and advising security teams for Special Air Missions transporting the Vice President of the United States, First Lady, Secretaries of State and Defense, and other national and military leaders domestically and abroad. Collin is also a subject matter expert at the Hague Center for Strategic Studies.

    Program Lead Diplometrics, Research Associate
  • Position

    Pardee Center Director

    Assistant Professor 


    B.A. University of Bluffton, Bluffton Ohio, International Business, 2002

    M.A. University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, 2007

    Ph.D. University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, 2012

    Jonathan D. Moyer is Assistant Professor at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies and Director of the Frederick S. Pardee Center for International Futures. He works across various research areas, extending and using the International Futures (IFs) integrated assessment platform. Jonathan studies patterns of human development through funded research for organizations like the African Union Development Agency and the United Nations. He leads the creation of new data and tools to better understand and analyze international relations contributing to reports such as the U.S. National Intelligence Council Global Trends 2030. Jonathan also researches patterns and drivers of state fragility and failure most notably as Lead Co-Principal Investigator on a five-year Minerva grant.

    Cell Phone:  01.215.872.4927

    Office Phone:  01.303.871.2443




    Director, Assistant Professor
  • Education:

    B.S. UCA, El Salvador, Industrial Engineering 1997

    M.S. University of Denver, Department of Computer Sciences, 2003

    M.S. University of Denver, Department of Finance, 2005

    José Solórzano is a Senior Consultant with the Frederick S. Pardee Center. He is a substantive contributor to the modeling code and graphical user interface of both the online and desktop versions of IFs. José has worked with IFs since March of 2001. He has made countless improvements to the usability of IFs and has created specialized display features such as the Packaged Display, Poverty Display, SAM Display, and Sustainable Development Goals dashboards, among others. Academically, José is interested in Financial Modeling and Financial Crisis Analysis.

    Contact José if you have technical questions about the IFs model. He lives and works in San Salvador, El Salvador and can be contacted in English, Spanish or French.


    Lead System Developer
  • Education:
    ​M.A Economics, University of Denver (2021)
    B.S. Political Science, Southern Oregon University (2018)

    Prior to joining the Pardee Center, Adam worked as an affiliate researcher with the Filene Research Institute performing a study on the potential for business banking in the credit union industry. Adam joined the Pardee Center in the Summer of 2020 as a Research Aide on the Country and Organization Leader Travel (COLT) project and later joined the Data Visualization and Analysis team.

    His research interests are in the political economy of growth and development with a focus on international linkages and sectoral analysis. He holds a B.S. in Political Science from Southern Oregon University (2018) and an M.A. in Economics from the University of Denver (2021). In his free time, Adam enjoys rock climbing, learning languages, and gardening.

    Research Associate
  • Education:

    BSBA, Business Information and Analytics, University of Denver 2020

    B.A. Computer Science and International Studies, University of Denver 2020

    M.A. International Security Studies, University of Denver, expected 2023

    Cory Vandenberg began work for the Pardee Center as a Research Aide in 2019 and began as a member of the Military Inventory Project under the Diplometrics Program. The following year, he transitioned to the Pardee Center's Statistics and Data Visualization Team where he worked until September of 2020. He now works as a Systems Developer for the Pardee Center and is pursuing his M.A. in International Security with Korbel, part-time. He expects to be completed with his MA in 2023 and is interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in International Studies after.

    Cory hopes to focus his future academic work on quantitative research methods, the potential impacts of Information Communication Technology on state stability, and the use of internet search data for foreign policy analysis.

    When not working at the Pardee Center, Cory develops video games, does long-distance running, skis, cooks, and volunteers as a public speaking coach for The University of Denver’s Mock Trial Team.

    System Developer
  • Education:

    BS, Mathematics, Hunan University 2014

    MA, Statistics, University of Missouri-Columbia 2017

    PhD Research Methods and Statistics, University of Denver, Morgridge College of Education, expected Spring 2021

    Xiong Yutang began working with the Pardee Center as a Research Aide in the summer of 2018 and joined the International Futures (IFs) Data Team as the Data Operations Manager in Fall 2019. He received his B.S. in Mathematics from Hunan University in China and his M.A. in Statistics from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Research Methods and Statistics from the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver.

    Yutang’s research interests lie in various areas and one of his current focuses is missing data analysis, especially within multilevel non-normal models. At the Pardee Center, he serves as a data expert maintaining data updates and providing data tools for research needs.


    Data Operations Manager