Internships available to Pardee Research Assistants:

The Chief of Staff of the Army Strategic Studies Group (CSA SSG) conducts innovative, independent, and unconventional research and analysis, employing the best data, methods, and creative strategic thinking that can be assembled under the auspices of the Chief of Staff of the Army. To that end, the SSG has developed a relationship with the Pardee Center which supports the SSG's research agenda; Pardee interns are assigned individual research projects in support of that agenda. The range of topics are related to the future of the US Army, including human performance, institutional reform, physical sciences and engineering, long range forecasting, modeling and simulation, operations research, and military history. Interns conduct their research under direction of an SSG research advisor, including literature reviews, collection and tabulation of statistical sources, collection of media images (including copyright information as required), modeling and statistical analysis, and written analysis of research findings. Pardee interns are especially valuable to the SSG because of the overall quality and strategic mindset of the Pardee program, as well as their experience with futures thinking, the International Futures model, and (in many cases) their work on SSG-funded research at Pardee.

African Leadership Academy (ALA) is nearing completion of the Frederick S. Pardee Learning Commons on its campus outside of Johannesburg South Africa. A key donor-inspired component of this 21st Century facility will be the capacity, programming, and uniquely designed user interface enabling use and manipulation of International Futures (IF) tools to support ALA’s mission to identify, develop and connect young African leaders. In support of this project, we have designed a unique internship tailored to lead collaboration toward the development and fulfilment of an ALA-IF vision, connecting ALA to the wider IF network through design and implementation of educational programming, professional development, and outreach. Working in collaboration with ALA facilities and academic leaders, the internship provides an exceptional leadership opportunity for an IF professional to extend his/her interests and impact directly within a vibrant and innovative learning community dedicated to the development of African leaders. The 3-6 month internship(s) will be based on our campus and include housing, transportation, and a modest living stipend.

  • Key responsibilities of ALA-IF Internship are to serve as a member of the team leading the design and implementations of the ALA-IF project, coordinate with staff and faculty to procure and direct the installation of required hardware and design components, design and lead interdisciplinary educational program for ALA students and faculty, serve as an advisor to 6-8 students and tutor one evening per week, and participating in diverse professional development programs.