A Model for Global Forecasting


At the Frederick S. Pardee Center for International Futures, our mission is to explore, understand, and shape alternative futures of global change and human development. As part of this pursuit, we have built the International Futures (IFs) model, the most sophisticated and comprehensive forecasting modeling system available to the public. IFs uses our best understanding of global systems to produce forecasts for 186 countries to the year 2100.


Our team, based at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, works with organizations around the world who share our interest in long-term, integrated analysis of development, security, and sustainability issues.


Explore Development and Change

We explore development and change by looking at the past, thinking about where trends seem to be going, and trying to understand how best to advance human development and well-being. We do this by using quantitative tools to create realistic and compelling analyses with relevance to policymaking.

The stories we tell range across all major development systems for 186 countries around the world for time horizons as far into the future as 2100. The left hand navigation panel on this page provides links to some of the stories we have explored. Each narrative is accompanied by a graph that connects users directly to the IFs model.

After exploring, you can turn to the understand section to learn about the systems dynamics and modeling that underpin our stories.