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AcknowledgementsActivate Pre-Run Scenario for DisplayAdding exogenous forecasts to scenarios in IFs
Additional resourcesAdvanced Sustainability AnalysisAgriculture
Agriculture DataAgriculture preprocessorAlternative Data Sources
Alternative India Population Data SourcesAlternative India Population SourcesAlternative Modes for Use
AnnotationApril 2016 consolidation
Aquastat dataAugust 2016 model validation and verification (version 7.23)
August 2019 consolidationBGR dataBP data
Balance of Payments and International Investment Position statistics (BoP/IIP) from IMFBank for International Settlements (BIS)Barro-Lee
Base comparison analysis write up examplesBasic FunctionalitiesBasic Report (Download)
Basic Report for Countries/Regions or GroupingsCIA World FactbookCarbon Emissions Data (CDIAC)
Center for Systemic PeaceChange Selected FunctionsChina
China's Data SourcesChina's EconomyChina's Population
China's Preprocessor SeriesChina's Provincial Age-Sex CohortsChina's Provincial ForecastNetMigrationRate UNPD
China's Provincial GovConGDPChina's Provincial GovtEdPubGDPChina's Provincial GovtHIGDP
China's Provincial HouseConGDPChina's Provincial HouseholdsChina's Provincial PopMigration
China's Provincial PopulationUrbanChina's Provincial PopulationYouthDependChina's Provincial TFRMedUNPD
China Sub-Regional June 2017 ConsolidationComputationsConsolidating data
ConsolidationCoordinated Direct Investment Survey (CDIS)Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (CPIS)
Country/Region, Group or G-ListCountry ProfileData
Data AnalysisData listed 2015 and 2100
Database files in IFsDecember 2016 version notesDecember 2016 vetting
Define, Drivers, Explain, Code and DeleteDevelopment Mode Features
DisplayDisplay Menu OptionsDoing Business
EconDashEconomic dataEconomic preprocessor
EconomicsEconomyEconomy Data
EducationEducation DataEducation by Age, Sex, and Level
Education dataEducation preprocessorEllie
EnergyEnergy DataEnergy Information Administration (EIA)
Energy dataEnergy preprocessorEnvironment
Environmental dataEnvironmental preprocessorExample on a report for initial and last year
FAO FishstatJ DataFile ManagementFinland Futures Research Centre (FFRC)
Flexible DisplaysFlexible Displays (Download)Fraser International
FreedomHouseFull Set of Variables/ParametersGeneral Display Options
General replication instructionsGeographically-Fixed DisplaysGeographically-fixed Displays (Download)
Global Health Observatory (GHO)Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP)Global nuclear weapons inventories
GovernanceGovernment SpendingGovernment consumption preprocessor
Guide to Scenario Analysis in International Futures (IFs)Guided Scenario AnalysisHealth
Health DataHealth and MortalityHealth data
Health preprocessorHow Do I...?How Do I...? Lessons 0-4
IFs Base comparison
IFs BibliographyIFs Economy Model Documentation: Extension for Poverty by Age and SexIHME
ILOImporting data (general instructions)Index.php
India's Agricultural DataIndia's Data SourcesIndia's Economic Data
India's Education DataIndia's Energy DataIndia's Health Data
India's Population DataIndia's Population SeriesIndia's Preprocessor Series
India's SocioPolitical DataIndia 2017 ConsolidationIndia Energy
InfrastructureInfrastructure DataInfrastructure data
Infrastructure preprocessorInstructional Use of IFs (For Classrooms)International Diabetes Federation
International Energy Agency (IEA)International Futures (IFs)International Monetary Fund (IMF)
International Telecommunications Union (ITU)Interstate Politics (IP)Introduction to IFs
JakeJune 2016 consolidationLabor
Lesson 0: IFs VocabularyLesson 1: DisplayLesson 2: Scenario Analysis
Lesson 3: Data AnalysisLesson IntroductionMY GEO HUB
Main Menu MapMain Menu Map Pop-up
May 2016 consolidationMillennium Development GoalsMinorities at risk
Model validation and verificationOECD Education at a glanceOECD Factbook
OECD Information Technology Outlook (ITO)OECD Main Science & Technology IndicatorsOECD Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)
OECD Science & TechnologyOECD Social Expenditure DatabaseOECD Statistics Database Online
Oil & Gas JournalOngoing Project Documentation
Penn World Tables (PWT)Population
Population DataPopulation Reference Bureau (PRB)Population by Age and Sex
Population dataPopulation preprocessorPovcalNet Online Poverty Analysis Tool
PreprocessorProject DocumentationProvincial Population
Publications on IFsQuick Scenario Analysis with TreeRebuild Base Notes
Repeated FeaturesResult replication instructions- Trade-offs and synergies in alternative pathways to achieving human development through the Sustainable Development Goals framework
Result replication instructions-the impact of COVID-19 on long-term projections of povertyResult replication instructions: How achievable are human development SDGs on our current path of development?Result replication instructions: The impact of COVID-19 on global extreme poverty: a long-term projection
Result replication instructions for Sudan at the crossroadsResult replication instructions for The Impact of COVID-19 on Long-term Projections of PovertyRunning the Model
SDG DashboardSDG dataSandbox
Scenario AnalysisScenario DescriptionSelecting Variables/Parameters Options
Self-Managed Display (Download)Self Managed Display (Complete Flexibility)
Social Accounting Matrix (SAM)Socio-PoliticalSocio-Political data
SocioPolitical preprocessorSource FileSpecialized Displays (Download)
Specialized Displays for IssuesSpectrumState failure data
State failure preprocesorState failure projectStockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
Sub-modulesSub-regional dataSubRegionalization Handbook
Support for IFs UseTestTransparency International
UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)UNODCUnderstand IFs
Understand the ModelUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)United Nations Population Division (UNPD)
United Nations Statistics Division: MDG IndicatorsUse IFs (Download): EconomyUse IFs (Download): Education
Use IFs (Download): EnvironmentUse IFs (Download): General Performance AnalysisUse IFs (Download): Health
Use IFs (Download): Millennium Development GoalsUse IFs (Download): PopulationUse IFs (Download): World Map and All-Variable Displays
Use IFs (Download): World ValuesUse IFs (Download) Data AnalysisUse IFs (Download) Display
Use IFs (Download) Repeated FeaturesUse IFs (Download) Scenario AnalysisUse IFs (Download Version)
Use IFs (Online Version)ValidationVariable Selection Options
Variable namesVersion notesVersion notes 7.36 (September 2018)
Version notes 7.37 (October 2018)Version notes 7.41 (June 2019)Version notes 7.42 (August 2019)
Version notes 7.46 (November 2019)Vetting dataVideoTest
WHO Global Health Expenditure DatabaseWHO Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)
WSS/JMPWater data
Water model documentationWater preprocessorWorld Development Indicators
World Economic Forum (WEF)World Energy Council (WEC)World Inequality Database on Education (WIDE)
World Map, Lorenz Curve, Gini, HistogramWorld Population Prospects (WPP)World Resources Institute (WRI)
World Value Survey by AgeWorld Value Survey dataWorldwide Governance Indicators