Version notes 7.46 (November 2019)

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Recent Model Updates

Recent Data Updates (since version 7.42)

Number of Series
FAO 11
Aquastat 51
Fraser 6
UIS 97
Varieties of Democracy 47

Preprocessor Updates

A total of 77 preprocessor series have been updated in this data collection cycle. The main series updated are GDP (GDP2011), land series from FAO, water series from Aquastat, economic freedom from Fraser, population series from UNPD World Population Prospects, and education series from UIS.

Non-preprocessor Updates

A total of 232 non preprocessor series were updated. This update includes series from FAO, UIS, Aquastat, Fraser, Varieties of Democracy, UNPD WPP, and UNPD HDR. Additionally, there were new series added from the World Bank – UCDP, Gini SSP projections from Rao, and 9 new UIS education completion rate series.

New Series Added

Conflict data from World Bank

There were 7 new series updated from the World Bank – Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) which cover conflict based data. The series added were:

  • ConflictOngoingUCDP – Dummy variable coded 1 for more than 25 deaths in intrastate conflict and 0 otherwise
  • ConflictDeathsUCDP – Total deaths in all categories of violence (non-state, one-sided and state-based)
  • ConflictStateDeathsUCDP – Total deaths in state-based conflict
  • ConflictPopulationAffectedUCDP – Total number of population affected by violence from conflict
  • ConflictPeaceYearsUCDP – The years since the last minor conflict since 1970
  • ConflictPopulationShareAffectedUCDP – Share of population affected by violence
  • ConflictAreaAffectedUCDP - Percent of land area affected by violence from conflict

Gini SSP Projections from RAO

There were 5 series added from Rao, ND, M. Gidden, P. Sauer, K. Riahi, 'Income inequality projections for the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways'. These series are forecasts of Gini under SSP1 through SSP 5 and cover the years 2011-2100.

Fixes/updates since 7.42

Updated Aggregation Rules

Aggregation rules for EnConTotalWDI and EnProdElec were changed to POP. Additionally, all of the ForecastTFP series were updated to AVG aggregation.

TaxImportDuties%Imp and TaxExportDuties$Exp

TaxImportDuties%Imp was changed to TaxImportDuties%Rev and the definition was updated as well. Additionally, TaxExportDuties%Exp was changed to TaxExportDuties%Rev and the definition was updated accordingly.