Version notes 7.42 (August 2019)

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Recent Model Updates

Recent Data Updates (since version 7.41)

Number of Series
UN SDGs 127
World Bank Doing Business

Preprocessor Updates

A total of 13 preprocessor series were included in this update. 

The main series updated are: GDP from the IMF (GDP2011), GDP per capita at PPP from WDI (GDP2011PCPPP), Population from UNPD, IMF government expenditures, revenue and tax data (GovtCalcExpendCen%GDP, GovtCalcRevCen%GDP, GovtCalcEdCen%GDP, GovtCalcEdTot%GDP, GovtCalcExpendTot%GDP, GovtCalcHealthTot%GDP, GovtCalcRevTot%GDP, TotRev%GDPIMF, TaxSocSec%CurRev), and Mobile broadband cellular subscriptions per 100 inhabitants from the ITU (ICTBroadbandMobileSubsPer100).

Non-preprocessor Updates

A total of 219 non pre-processor series have been updated in this data collection cycle. The majority of these series updated are SDG series from the UN SDG Indicators Global Database. Additionally, new series from IHME on deaths by disease by sex and methane emissions series from EDGAR were added to the model. Finally, ForecastGDPP2011OECDSSP2, TFP data from Dellink, and World Bank Doing business series were included in this update.  

New Series Added


IHME now provides deaths by disease broken out by sex which have been included in this update. There were 30 new series added to IFs which are broken out by Male and Female.

TFP Data from Dellink

We have added 17 new TFP forecast series from Dellink. These include SSP1-SSP5 data and percent change from 2005-2100, as well as shortened versions that start in 2015. Additionally, history and historical percent change were added which start in 1960.

Methane Emissions Data from EDGAR

We now have data on 6 broad categories pulled in from EDGAR. Data for methane emissions has been collected from the EDGAR database maintained by PNNL. The database can be found here- <a href="" alt="" title=""></a>

Data is available for 181 countries from 1970-2012. Categories:

1.      Methane emissions from fermentation

2.      Methane emissions from solid fuel production

3.      Methane emissions from oil and gas production

4.      Methane emissions from wastewater handling

5.      Methane emissions from rice cultivation

6.      Methane emissions from other sources

Bug fixes/updates since 7.41


There were abnormal values for Australia from 2000 and on that were over 1000% in the TaxSocSec%CurRev. The series was repulled and the issued was fixed.

SeriesEdSecLowerGradRateAllMal, SeriesEdSecLowerGradRateAllFem, SeriesEdSecLowerGradRateAllTot

Each of these education series from the UIS had very low values for South Africa (1-4%) in 2016 and 2017 that seemed to be inconsistent with the data. These values were deleted.


An update to SeriesForecastGDPP2011OECDSSP2 was included in the consolidation to fix the transient values seen between 2009 and 2010. There is still a transient between 2009 and 2010 for some countries. But that is because we are using GDP values from the WDI till 2009. We need the older values so that the aggregation rule we created for the TFP will work correctly. (From Kanishka).