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<math>AGP_{r,f=1} = YL_{r} * LD_{r,l=1}</math>
<code><math>AGP_{r,f=1} = YL_{r} * LD_{r,l=1}</math></code>

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Meat and Fish Production

Meat and fish production are represented far more simply than crop production. Meat production is simply the product of livestock herd size and the slaughter rate. The herd size changes over time in response to global and domestic meat stocks, as well as changes in the demand for meat and the amount of grazing land.

Fish production has two components: wild catch and aquaculture. The former is based on global catch and the regional share, both of which are specified exogenously. Aquaculture is assumed to continue to grow at a country-specific growth rate; a multiplier can also be used to increase or decrease aquaculture production

$ AGP_{r,f=1} = YL_{r} * LD_{r,l=1} $

$ CD_{r}=\frac{YL_{r,t=1}}{{KAG_{r,t=1}^{CDALF_{r,s=1}}}*{LABS_{r,S=1,t=1}^{(1-CDALF_{r,s=1})}}} $