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= '''<u>Specific instructions</u>''' =
= Specific instructions =
#Download model and all supplementary files (see below)
#Download model and all supplementary files (see below)

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Specific instructions

  1. Download model and all supplementary files (see below)
  2. Install IFs
  3. Add supplementary files to their specified locations (see below)
  4. Add new display lists to IFs (see below)
  5. Run the scenarios (see below)

Necessary files

IFs Model: Link to download IFs (version 7.33)

Scenario files: Link to download SCE files

Variable display lists: Link to download display list transmission file

General Instruction

How to add scenario files

Scenario files can be simply added to IFs once they have been downloaded. Within Window’s File Explorer, access the Local Disk. From here locate the Users file, then choose Public. Within the Public folder will exist the folder which houses all data and files for IFs. Within this folder choose the Scenario folder. Create a new folder and copy over all scenario files that are necessary for the reproduction of desired results.

How to add variable lists from a transmission file

To add a new variable list requires the proper transmission file which should be found with all necessary replication files. Select the Display tab and the Flexible Display sub-option. From this flex display screen select the List Features tab, the Exchange List sub-option, and the Import Lists command. From here select the replications proper transmission file and the proper variable list and click import. The proper lists may now be found in the Flexible Display.

How to batch run scenarios

The batch run feature in IFs runs multiple scenarios in succession and saves each resulting run files. To do this, select the ‘Run’ sub-option from ‘Scenario Analysis’ in the main menu bar and then select the option to perform a ‘Batch Run’. From this point all folders contained within the ‘IFs/Scenario’ folder should be visible. Navigate to the desired folder, choose a run horizon, and then press ‘Select.’ IFs will then run each scenario contained within the selected folder save them as a sperate run file.

Sample results 

After following the above mentioned steps, go the flex display under displays. Navigate to "Economy GDP" under display categories. Select the variable "GDP (MER) Trillion- Trillion dollars". Select all the pathways scenarios and the Base Case under "Scenarios". The result should be similar to the graph below. This inidicates that the scenarios have run correctly. For more details on how to visualize results in IFs refer this page.

Figure 1: GDP at MER in trillion dollars under the pathways scenarios

Relevant Documentation

IFs training manual: Link to IFs Training Manual

IFs scenario guide: Link to IFs Scenario Guide

Model documentation: Link to all documentation

Relevant code: Link to all code