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Historical Irrigation Dataset (HID): LandIrAreaEquipSiebert

New series in IFS.


Information on the historical evolution of irrigated lands is very limited but is needed for many applications, e.g. to study changes in hydrology and water resources, crop productivity, or surface energy balances. The dataset HID (Historical Irrigation Dataset) depicts the extent of area equipped for irrigation (AEI) for 1900 to 2005 in 5 arc-minute resolution.  Subnational irrigation statistics were collected for this period from various sources and found that the global extent of AEI increased from 63 million ha (Mha) in 1900 to 111 million Mha in 1950 and 306 Mha in 2005. Eight gridded versions of time series of AEI were developed by combining subnational irrigation statistics with different data sets on the historical extent of cropland and pasture. Different rules were applied to maximize consistency of the gridded products to subnational irrigation statistics or to historical cropland and pasture data sets.

The dataset consists of seven parts that are supplementary information to the article Siebert et al., 2015 in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences which describes the development and the analysis of the dataset in detail. The current version of the dataset is version 1.0, it differs from the previous version 0.9 released in 2014 (DOI:10.13019/M2MW2G).

Data source

link to the zip folder:

Excel sheet named Supplement_S3_AEI per_region_country_subnational.xls and sheet named AEI_national

Data operation

Data was extracted from AEI_natioanl sheet and sorted according to our country concordance and then imported into IFS.