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This IFs Base Comparison process relates to the consolidation of big data update. It is usually conducted once a year during the big data update.

Top-down approach:
Top down approach implies using all new updated data to build a new base and comparing with old/existing base. After few observations, we can replace few new series by old series to see the impact of addition of those new series. This page follows this approach.

Bottom-up approach:
It is the opposite of top-down approach. This allows us to add one new series at a time and observe its impact.

Things to do first before IFs Base Comparison:

  1. Rebuilding Base
    1. See Rebuild Base Notes for this specific task
    2. See more on rebuilding the base here
  2. Variable names
    1. Variable names to compare model are in “#REDIRECT https://pardee.du.edu/wiki/Variable_names