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Country Profile is an option unique to the Main Menu Map. From the Map, left-clicking on the desired country causes a pop-up menu to appear with options from which the user can select. Country Profile is shown at the top of the list. 

Country profile example: Ethiopia

This option of IFs allows users to present a brief portrait of various important variables for a selected region/country. It displays a map of the country at the top of the form followed by a list of various forecasts, organized into the following categories: Population, Health, Education, Social/Human Needs, Economy, Energy, Environment, International Politics, and Domestic Government.

The Icons next to each variable name allow the user to either draw a line graph or display a table. The default mode for those displays will provide forecasts for the country you have chosen through 2030, providing also historical data for context when they are available. For the population, heath, and education categories there is also an icon of an age-sex distribution next to the category's name that will provide a relevant distributional display.

The Display Options at the top of the Country Profile menu allow the user to change the default options of the display. You can alter the time horizon, choose a scenario other than the Base Case, or toggle between single region/country and all regions/countries for display. After selection, the user will see the changes only when the graphical or tabular display icons next to each variable name are selected. Choosing the Horizon sub-option gives the user options of which time horizon to be displayed: Forecast, History plus Forecast, or History (empirical). Under the Scenarios sub-option, the user can select a scenario (or all scenarios) and compare them to view different forecasts. The third option Regions/Countries is a toggle between Single Region/Country and All Regions/Countries. As the name suggests, when All Regions/Countries is active, the user can see the results for all regions/countries available in IFs (again, by clicking the display icons next to the variable names). The final sub-option is named Use all available Historical Data. This option will substitute historical data for 2010 or later years for the forecasts of the IFs model (which begin in 2010) whenever such historical data exist.

If you would like to view another country’s profile, simply click the Change Country menu option at the top and select the country of your interest. The Map Source option from the menu indicates that the maps shown in the Country Profile were derived from the World Factbook of the US Central Intelligence Agency.

Country Profile has much in common with the Basic Report for Countries/Regions or Groupings option, which users can access by either the Display option of the Main Menu or the Main Menu Map (by clicking on the desired country and selecting Basic Report for Countries/Regions or Groupings). While Country Profile allows the user to call up all forecast years and also to see historical values when available for IFs variables, Basic Report gives only forecast years and provides them in a somewhat different format.