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United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA):  The World Factbook

The CIA’s Directorate of Intelligence produces the World Factbook, which is available online and in print. The Factbook has gathered a comprehensive resource of facts and statistics on more than 250 countries and other entities. The annual printed version of the Factbook is usually released about midyear. Earlier the online version was updated once annually.  Since 2001, however, CIA arranged for more frequent updates to accommodate recently available information. The site address for the CIA Factbook is

The Factbook organizes data for each country or territory in these categories:  geography, people, government,   economy,   communications, transportation,   military transnational issues. The World Factbook online version adds seven new entries, namely, median age, oil production, oil consumption, oil exports, oil imports, oil reserves. The web site version features four additional entries: natural gas production, natural gas consumption, natural gas exports, andnatural gas imports. An update for several regional maps also has been made to reflect recent boundary changes.

DataDict 720
Table Group Definition Source Last IFs Update UsedInPreprocessor Years
SeriesEthnic1 SocioPolitical, Conflict Size of largest ethnic group as percent of population CIA World Factbook; holes filled (for 2007 column) by Jonathan Moyer various sources 2013/12/17 Yes
SeriesEthnic2 SocioPolitical, Conflict Size of second largest ethnic group as percent of population CIA World Factbook; holes filled by Jonathan Moyer various sources 2013/12/17 Yes
SeriesGDP2000PCPPP Economic GDP per capita (constant 2000 PPP International $) CIA and constructed (original mostly World Bank) 2012/02/24 Yes
SeriesGDP2000PPP Economic GDP (PPP) CIA (original mostly World Bank) 2003/07 No
SeriesGDP2002PPP Economic GDP (PPP) CIA (original mostly World Bank); courtesy of Evan Hillebrand 2004/01 No
SeriesGDP2003PPP Economic GDP (PPP) CIA (original partly World Bank); extended by Evan Hillebrand 2004/07 Yes
SeriesGDP98PPP Economic GDP (PPP) CIA