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    <allredirects arcontinue="World_Resources_Institute_(WRI)" />
      <r ns="0" title="Center for Systemic Peace" />
      <r ns="0" title="Data listed 2015 and 2100" />
      <r ns="0" title="Global Health Observatory (GHO)" />
      <r ns="0" title="IFs Base comparison" />
      <r ns="0" title="International Diabetes Federation" />
      <r ns="0" title="International Energy Agency (IEA)" />
      <r ns="0" title="International Futures (IFs)" />
      <r ns="0" title="OECD Statistics Database Online" />
      <r ns="0" title="Result replication instructions for The Impact of COVID-19 on Long-term Projections of Poverty" />
      <r ns="0" title="Social Accounting Matrix (SAM)" />