“I was very impressed by the visit to the [Pardee Center] and the demonstration of the forecasting work of the Center. This type of rigorous and long-term analysis of social, economic and political trends is indispensable to the work of the United Nations and I commend this scholarly endeavor.” –Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon
We provide specialized training workshops on request, and in conjunction with ongoing partnerships and projects. Recent workshop locations include: Brussels, Cape Town, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Lima, Ljubljana, Pretoria, Pristina, Seoul, Seville, Singapore, and Washington DC.

The standard IFs training package consists of an intensive workshop for up to 20 participants and covers the use and structure of the IFs model and how to best use IFs to support the projects of particular interest to the participants.

Workshop participants learn:
1)    How to explore the IFs historical database and Base Case forecasts
2)    The structure and linkages of the IFs system and its various submodels
3)    How IFs forecasts are made
4)    How to construct alternative future scenarios
5)    How to examine the implications of alternative scenarios
6)    How IFs can best support an organization’s efforts

Along with in-depth training, each participant receives a copy of the latest standalone version of IFs, a User Guide and Help System, a Training Manual, a Scenario Guide, PDFs of the Pardee Center’s major publications, and 10 hours of post-workshop IFs-related support.  

For more information, or to schedule a training for your organization, please contact us at