Theodore Jay Gordon, MS

Theodore Jay Gordon is a futurist and management consultant, a specialist in forecasting methodology, planning, and policy analysis. He is co-founder and Board member of The Millennium Project, a global think tank. He formed the consulting firm The Futures Group in 1971 and led it for 20 years. Prior to forming The Futures Group, he was one of the founders of The Institute for the Future and before that consulted for the math and policy department at RAND Corporation. He was also Chief Engineer of the McDonnell Douglas Saturn S-IV space vehicle and was in charge of the launch of early ballistic missiles and space vehicles from Cape Canaveral. He is a frequent lecturer, the author of many technical papers and author or co-author of several books dealing with space, the future, life extension, and scientific and technological developments and issues. He is the author of the Macmillan encyclopedia article on the future of science and technology. He is currently on the editorial board of Technological Forecasting and Social Change. He also served as emeritus director of the Institute for Global Ethics. He is the recipient of the Ed Cornish “Futurist of the Year” award and is a recipient of the Shaping Tomorrow Lifetime Achievement Award. He was Regents Professor at the UCLA Graduate School of Business (1968), and a Woodrow Wilson scholar at Bowdoin (1975). He has lectured at several other universities in business, planning, innovation, forecasting, and engineering, including Columbia, University of Texas at Austin, University of Houston, Duke University, University of New Haven, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Singularity University, and the Turku School of Economics and Business Administration (Finland).