12/05/2013 - 20:31

Members of the Frederick S. Pardee Center traveled to South Africa the first week of December for a week-long training workshop with members of the Western Cape Provincial Government.

12/05/2013 - 20:29

The International Futures team was happy to bring on three more research assistants to help with our additional work this year. Sara Turner, Alison Burt and Steve Hedden are all M.A. candidates at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies.

12/05/2013 - 20:09

Ben Harris graduated from the Josef Korbel School with an M.A. in Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration. He will be staying on with the Pardee Center through the summer, continuing his data collection and validation work.

12/05/2013 - 20:02

Research Assistant Alison Burt will spend the next 10 weeks in Washington, DC, interning with the Global Center on Conflict, Development, and Security at the World Bank.