Putting the Brakes on Road Traffic Fatalities in Africa

Eshbaugh, Mark, Greg Maly, Jonathan D. Moyer, and Erin Torkelson. March 2012. “Putting the Brakes on Road Traffic Fatalities in Africa.” African Futures Brief No. 3. Institute for Security Studies and Pardee Center for International Futures, Pretoria, South Africa, and Denver, Colorado, USA.

In a Base Case analysis, road traffic accidents in Africa are expected to rapidly increase over the next four decades, becoming a major public health challenge across the continent. The authors analyze the developmental risk factors that contribute to accidents and identify policy interventions to address those risks. The International Futures system is used to forecast the effects of the policy interventions in reducing road traffic deaths and increasing years of productive life, with resulting increases in GDP.




Content Type: AFP Policy Brief
Publication Date: 2012
Author: Mark Eshbaugh, Greg Maly, Jonathan D. Moyer and Erin Torkelson​
Access Document: http://www.pardee.du.edu/sites/default/files/putting%20the%20brakes%20on...
Source: Institute for Security Studies and Pardee Center for International Futures