The Pardee Center for International Futures has a long-term institutional relationship with the Institute for Security Studies (ISS).  The ISS is an African-based think tank working to enhance human security across Africa through the provision of policy analysis and recommendations and practical training and technical assistance, all based on independent and authoritative research. Through their partnership, the Pardee Center and ISS have implemented the African Futures Project. The project utilizes the IFs system to produce forward-looking policy-relevant analyses based on exploration of possible trajectories for human development, economic growth, and sociopolitical change in Africa under varying policy environments over the next four decades.

The IFs team also collaborates with the Atlantic Council's Strategic Foresight Initiative on forecasting issues such as global urbanization, natural resources, state fragility and resilience, and the assessment and forecasting of global power. 

The Pardee Center is interested in forming meaningful partnerships with additional like-minded development organizations. You can find out about becoming a Pardee Partner here.