Pardee Center Research Leads to Conference Paper and Panel: World Impacts 2017


Research Associate I Drew Bowlsby represented the Pardee Center at the Impacts World 2017 Conference in Potsdam, Germany. He joined a panel discussion, “Projecting Armed Conflict and Unrest under Climate Change Scenarios,” which presented the results of a white paper supported by the Minerva Initiative, the European Research Council, and the MISTRA Geopolitics Programme. The report was prepared by Elisabeth Gilmore (Clark University); Håvard Hegre and Kristina Petrova (Uppsala Univeristy); and Jonathan D. Moyer and Drew Bowlsby (University of Denver). The Impacts World 2017 workshop addressed two key questions: 1. How to think systematically about the existing evidence on the associations of climate change and conflict; and 2. How to develop credible projections of the implications for the future burdens of armed conflict.