Malaria No More: Expectations for Eradication

Moyer, Jonathan D., and Graham Emde. November 2012. “Malaria No More: Expectations for Eradication.” African Futures Brief No. 5. Institute for Security Studies and Pardee Center for International Futures, Pretoria, South Africa, and Denver, Colorado, USA.

By comparing a Base Case with a Malaria Eradication scenario, this brief uses the International Futures forecasting system to explore the possible cumulative impacts by 2050 if Africa were able to eliminate malarial infection by 2025. Beneficial impacts are forecast in terms of deaths averted, years of healthy life added, increased overall economic output, increased per capita income, and reduced poverty.  



Content Type: AFP Policy Brief 
Publication Date: 2012
Author: Jonathan D. Moyer and Graham Emde​
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Source: Institute for Security Studies and Pardee Center for International Futures