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Our staff celebrates Pi Day.

"Having a quantifiable understanding of the world profoundly impacts how we can affect it, and it is rewarding doing work that contributes to such an understanding.” –Marianne Hughes, BA student, International Studies and French

“Working at the Pardee Center was the best thing I did while at Korbel. I can't imagine where I would be without the experience.” –Mark Eshbaugh, Pardee Alum

“The Pardee Center is a challenging yet rewarding work environment that engages in cutting-edge research on global development challenges.” –Greg Maly, Pardee Alum


At Pardee

Our talented and dedicated team of student Research/Project Aides (RAs) makes much of our work possible. Being a Pardee RA means being part of the Center—you are directly involved in our projects and modeling work, have the chance to undertake paid internships around the country and abroad, and can coauthor publications with our professional research staff and affiliates.

Our RAs have interned at our partner organizations, such as: 

  • Western Cape Provincial Government, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Strategic Foresight Initiative, Atlantic Council, Washington, DC
  • Institute for Strategic Studies, Pretoria, South Africa
  • UNDP Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, Strategic Policy Unit, New York, NY
  • USAID-Uganda, Kampala, Uganda
  • US Army Future Studies Group, Denver, CO
  • Global Center on Conflict, Security, and Development, World Bank, Washington, DC

Our RAs have recently coauthored publications including:


Becoming a Pardee RA

We hire DU graduates and undergraduates. We’re looking for students who are passionate about improving human development outcomes around the world. Successful candidates have strong academic credentials, a quantitative background, and an ability to thrive in a demanding, but also fun and friendly work environment.  

Interested in becoming a Pardee RA? First, use this website to see what we do and what we’re working on. Second, take our hiring survey; we’ll use results from this survey to select applicants for interviews.