Jaime Alberto Meléndez, MBA


BS UCA, El Salvador, Computer Science, 1997

MBA El Salvador, Finance ISEADE, 2008

Background: Jaime Alberto Meléndez has worked with IFs since May 2006. He has added some important utilities to Cross-Sectional Analysis like third variable use, Regression Management and G-list Functionality. He has also done research work regarding Manifold mapping software oriented to developing drill-down maps for the web. He's working in adding a fourth dimension: Time, which will display the track variables through a period, in a progressive or automatic mode. Additionally, he's analyzing the new Proessentials Version, verifying that it is an Advanced Graph Control. Jaime is interested in getting deeper into the model, and in developing IFs modules by himself, specially around the Economic Sub-Module. Besides IFs, Jaime Melendez has 10 years of experience developing different applications in El Salvador. In 2007, he worked developing a Data warehouse for the First Electricity Generation Company in El Salvador, and in 2008, he worked on an ERP Project.

Email: jaimelorg@hotmail.com