Ban Ki-Moon, United Nations Secretary-General 

“I was very impressed by the visit to the [Pardee Center] and the demonstration of the forecasting work of the Center. This type of rigorous and long-term analysis of social, economic and political trends is indispensable to the work of the United Nations and I commend this scholarly endeavor.”


Mathew Burrows, Counselor and Director, Analysis and Production Staff, National Intelligence Council (NIC)

"Understanding future trends is ever more critical. IFs was essential to the National Intelligence Council's recent Global Trends 2030 work. The Pardee Center itself is a national treasure. The expertise there cannot be found anywhere else. IFs is the only model out there which is so comprehensive, mapping potential trajectories, for example, in education, health, and poverty at the individual, national, regional, and global levels. It is proving to be a critical tool for government planners everywhere - in the U.S. and internationally."


Carlos A. Anderson, Director, National Strategic and Prospective Studies, CEPLAN

"The art of long-term planning requires the solidity and flexibility of good model-building. In choosing a model to guide the analytical and prospective work of CEPLAN, Peru's National Strategic Center, we set quite a stringent set of criteria. The IFs model, developed at the Pardee Center, bested all other models we analyzed by a least a mile."


Dr. Peter Johnston, Senior Advisor, European Policy Centre Member of the Club of Rome Former Head of Evaluation for the Information Society in the European Commission

"The International Futures System has been a key tool in the evaluation of European policy options for sustainable development. It has helped to put into a broader perspective the potential effectiveness of options for investments in innovation for both energy-efficiency and renewables. The experience of working with the Pardee team has been stimulating and effective. The center provides a unique combination of knowledge and modeling experience, and great flexibility to deal with new demands. The International Futures system is now a sound reference base to all major world development perspectives, and I thoroughly recommend it to any organization interested in our common future."